YAY! GO CEILING! (guygab)

What was Brook’s Halloween costume? Oh yeah… she was a ceiling fan!


I have had this sign in my car since All Hallows Eve due to the fact that every time I see it, my mind goes “Ah yes… now I remember how freaking AWESOME my wife is!” Speaking of Brook, I am writing the blog tonight so that she can enjoy her evening without stressing about writing it on time.

Ok thats enough personal blabber. Time to talk shipping container home. Lets talk about the roof once more again for good measure (and so that I can make sure I have it right).

WebneighborASVI’ve been helping one of our neighbors down the street tear apart his old roof and replace it over the last week and in doing so I have soaked up quite a bit of information. He is using asphalt shingles for his roof. A bit different then what we will be doing for ours, but great to help him reconstruct it and get a bit or a refresher course on roof installation!

For our roof we will have rafters held up by our exterior framed walls and LVLs which will span the center length of our home and will be held up by 6×6 wooden beams. Our current plan is to cover these rafters with ZIP sheeting and tape the zip sheets together. We will then lay Interwrap Titanium UDL 30 paper over the top of these ZIP sheets, and fasten batten strips for ASV (Above Sheathing Ventilation) over the Interwrap air, water and vapor paper barrier. Finally we will fasten the standing seam roof to the battens. We will then install batt insulation between our rafters, cover them with our interior finishings, and call it a day.

On the other side of the house we will be dealing with the foundation. My sisters goats finished goatscaping our land yesterday and now we are ready for the next step… purchasing 50 feet of silt fencing and steaks for our land and cutting limbs from trees along with renting a track-hoe and digging up the small tree roots in the way of our foundation. We do not need to grade the land as we want to keep the slope so that we can get under the back of the 40ft. container. I will wait on grading the front until after the foundation gets started to see if we need the fill dirt for the slab. If not then we will not grade the front until we tear down the garage (after the house is built).

I will list the next set of 20 steps for our foundation in order:

1) Have a professional come in with a transit and plot out the footprint of our home on the land and the corners of slab / sonotube locations.

2) Dig the footer trenches and tamp them in.

3) Pour gravel in footer holes.

4) Build forms for slab footers.

5) Wire up rebar and put in footers.

6) Pour concrete for footers and let dry.

This should take care of the footers. Here is a video with a great idea to speed up the footers:

Then comes the fun part:

7) Build CMU (cinder block) walls on footers for slab.

8) Put rebar in CMU walls and sonotubes.

9) Pour concrete in CMU walls and sonotubes and let dry.

10) Put rigid blue board insulation against CMU wall and

11) Fill footer walled slab area with dirt and tamp it down (6in. of dirt = 1in. once tamped down).

12) Pour gravel inside footer wall on tamped dirt.

13) Put 6mil. vapor barrier, then 2″ rigid foam insulation over gravel.

14) Wire up and lay out welded wire mesh.

15) Pour concrete slab.

16) Set in wet-set mounting brackets in concrete for containers to set on and let dry.

17) Within 12-24hr. (depending on temperature) have finisher come out and buff the slab smooth.

18) Wait for concrete to cure (concrete takes 28 days to FULLY cure).

19) Dance on the completed slab.

20) Crack a cold beer to our hard work!

Whelp… that covers the top and bottom of our new house. Now that I have bored you with numbers and stuff I will get to bed.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any advice for the roof or the foundation or any spare supplies as we are currently looking for: 50 feet of silt fencing and steaks, gravel, material for building footer forms, rebar, CMU’s (newish cinder blocks), 6mil underlayment vapor barrier, 2″ rigid foam insulation, and some welded wire mesh.

Wish us luck and goodnight everyone!


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