Road Trippin’

With take off to St. Louis just hours away, I thought I’d shoot out our daily update before diving into the world of last minute packing.

In planning and prepping for this home, we’ve already pulled a few 2 and 3 hour nighters, but last night Ryan officially achieved the ALL nighter. Congratulations, Ry. I know it sucked. But, his work was not in vain. Last night, Ryan crafted a beautiful presentation (powerpoint and all) for a local company that provides, electrical, plumbing and a number of other home/commercial services. He laid out our story and our project and invited them to become a part of it. Should they take our offer, there is the potential for us to receive sponsored services and for them to gain recognition as a company experienced in working with container construction. Like so many steps before this one, we’ll just have to wait and see!

So we figured out one way to cut down on fencing costs…just wait until your neighbor decides to build a fence around their house. Boom. One side down.

Wish us luck. We’ve many miles ahead of us and there are only but so many songs in my kid song repertoire. We won’t stop writing though, meet you back here tomorrow.

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