St. Louis Container Building!


ContainerX marks the spot!

We could not stop thinking about the possible shipping container building in St. Louis…. so…. we went to find it! Shipping container treasure hunt time everyone. Time for an adventure through STL with the family.


After searching the web for a bit and calling our local family to find the location of the address… we found the spot. An empty lot. BUMMER! At least now we will not have this tugging at the back of our minds. Turns out the building concept worked up by the architect Anthony Duncan it has not gone into construction as of yet. Worth the drive if you ask me.

On the way there we passed by many houses over 100 years old; built during the World Fair of 1904. Beautiful, Expensive, Massive homes along Lindell blvd facing the beautiful Forest Park.
Forest ParkWorlds Fair St Louis Alphonse MuchaEven though our treasure hunt ended in an empty lot it was still fun searching for it! When you think about it… its really the journey that matters… not the destination.

Thanks for reading and have a nice evening everyone!


3 thoughts on “St. Louis Container Building!

  1. Thanks for undertaking the treasure hunt. You saved me the time. Ha!
    I was curious myself if that project had ever been built. I haven’t heard much about it since the initial story about it.
    Thanks for your blog. I look forward to following your project. I have a 40ft HC that will be a part of my future country home once I’m done using it as a storage unit in the city.

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