8459269452_4bdd21227aWell let’s just jump right in with a silly little story, shall we? Last night during our departing dinner in St. Louis, Ryan received a phone call from our landlord letting us know that Asheville temps were dropping and if our heat wasn’t on, it needed to be. Ryan eventually got in touch with one of our neighbors-the one who’s been re-doing his roof, and he gladly volunteered. Ryan was guiding him through the process of getting into our house when…red, blue, white and sirens entered the picture. “Come out with your hands above your head?” Holy shaaaaaawhat?!!

Yep, we got our friendly, peaceful, just-trying-to-lend a hand neighbor arrested and hand-cuffed. With a little bit of clearing up, we came to find out that our other amazing neighbor had seen an unknown person entering our home (while he knew we were away) and had straight up called the Asheville PD on him. I’d say we’ve been officially welcomed to the neighborhood and we owe two awesome dudes two very awesome beers.

P1030362In other news, one of Ryan’s extended family members gifted us with these rolls of electrical wiring. Thank you, thank you!!! Every single donation is appreciated and so very helpful.

We drove through the night while the little one snoozed and we are happy to have made it safely home. Our St. Louis visit was beyond good for the soul and now it’s time to re-organize and re-refocus our home building energies.

Sleep is about to be so sweet…


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