Stu(ff)ck – Guy Post

Hello everyone, this is Ryan posting again!

It appears our land will be surveyed this weekend or by Monday at the latest. We should be breaking ground to dig out tree roots and our footer / sono-tube holes by next week and then pouring the foundation! I think we should have a breaking ground party at our plot of land with live music and food and stuff… and maybe a little shovel for Soleil. What do you think?


Zen Shorts

Well… that is pretty much it as far as the land and our shipping container is concerned, but on another note tonight I was reading a story to my daughter Soleil and it reminded me of last night’s fake robbery situation at our house and of how we feel about the value of material objects… and why we like the idea of simplicity. This story is from a book called Zen Shorts by Jon J Muth and translates some wonderful Buddhist philosophies to child story language. This is the first story in the book and it goes something like this…

Zen Shorts 1“The next day, Addy went to have tea with Stillwater.”
Zen Shorts 2“”Hello?” Addy said as she stepped inside, “Come in! Come in!” a faraway voice called. Then she heard the voice say, “Oh yes… Come out! Come out!” Stillwater was in the backyard.”

Zen Stories 3“He was in a tent.

“This is a birthday present from my Uncle Ry,” Stillwater said. “He always gives presents on his birthday, to celebrate the day he was born. I like it so much, that I’m not staying in my house right now.” Stillwater invited Addy to sit with him.”

Zen Stories 4“”You brought me some cake!” said Stillwater. “That was very nice of you. Is it your birthday?” he asked. “No.” said Addy. “Its not mine, either,” said Stillwater. “But let me give you a gift for my uncle’s birthday. I will tell you a story.””

Zen Shorts 5“My uncle Ry lived alone in a small house up in the hills. He didn’t own many things. He lived a simple life.
One evening, he discovered he had a visitor. A robber had broken into the house and was rummaging through my uncle’s few belongings.
The robber didn’t notice Uncle Ry, and when my uncle said “Hello,” the robber was so startled he almost fell down.

Zen Shorts 6My uncle smiled at the robber and shook his hand. “Welcome! Welcome! How nice of you to visit!” The robber opened his mouth to speak, but he couldn’t think of anything to say,
Because Ry never lets anyone leave empty-handed, he looked around the tiny hut for a gift for the robber. But there was nothing to give. The robber began to back toward the door. He wanted to leave.
At last, Uncle Ry knew what to do. He took off his only robe, which was old and tattered. “Here,” he said, “Please take this.”

Zen Shorts 7The robber thought my uncle was crazy. He took the robe, dashed out the door, and escaped into the night.

Zen Short 8My uncle sat and looked at the moon, its silvery light spilling over the mountains, making all things quietly beautiful.
“Poor man,” lamented my uncle. “All I had to give him was my tattered robe. If only I could have given him this wonderful moon.”

Thank you everyone for tuning in for my man post. Here is a last image of awesomeness… Soleil seeing a Hippo for the first time up close and personal:



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