Aaaaaawwe, Ryan read you all a bedtime story last night. I believe this shows A.) that he is a sweet and tender soul and B.) that we might be slightly regressing into the safety of childhood behavior as we approach the grown up task of actually carrying out our plans. Then again, he really does love that book. Probably just couldn’t help sharing. Love him.

I for one can say that anxiety has made a slow creep back in. Suddenly, time feels of the essence. A phone call not made, material unable to be picked up…it all carries a little tick tock tune. At this point we have about nine months to get from under this roof to under that roof. Although we are determined to keep date nights and cigarette breaks (we currently don’t smoke, but we’re thinking about picking it up for the breaks) this will be a year of sacrifice as so much of our “free time” will be construction oriented. We often feel nice and full on guilt as our little one watches us computer and phone bound. But, she’s a roll with the bunches kinda kid and she’s just as much a part of this as mama and papa. In fact, just the other day I happened to hear her pretend conversation on my cell phone. It went, “Yea. Ok. That’s good. I’m building a shipping container home. Ok. Bye. I love you.” I think we might move her into our pr and marketing department.

Is everyone aware that the murphy bed is en vogue again? How glorious!


Have a great start to your weekend!

2 thoughts on “OOOOOOOOOMMMMM

  1. We put Murphy beds in our house – they’re great! They’re firm and comfortable, and give us so much more space when we don’t have company.

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