100th Post!

20ftHello shipping container family! We are on post 100! Weehooo! Ryan here, writing a unplanned guy-post.

Before diving into today’s blog, may I mention the fact that shipping containers are EVERYWHERE?! For example… I found a 20ft. container today at the turn to our street. It had evaded me over the last 3 months, but today I saw it for the first time! Crazy how things so obvious and out in the open can seem to hide if you are not choosing to pay attention!

On this momentous 100th post we would like to thank you all for tuning in and following our progress on this adventur! We would like to honor this moment by revealing a bit more about why we have decided to travel this oh so winding and box-breaking path we now travel to a shipping container lifestyle.

We humans need to find solutions to the real problems we are facing in this World by changing them at the root of the problem. Protecting the environment, protecting each other, protecting justice and equality and freedom by sharing them and sharing our “stuff” instead of trashing it! As a small family we are doing our best to support the grass-roots economic and social revolution that is happening globally with the steps we choose to take in our lives. Some stepped up with the Occupy Movement, some step up on a daily basis by what they choose to eat and buy. One of the steps we are taking (more of a hike actually) is making a house out of as much “waste” or “scrap” materials as we can, and making fruit punch from the trash building materials us Americano’s are more than happy to throw away. What does throw away mean anyway? Do things really go… away? Wouldn’t that be nice. Check out the Story Of Stuff for a simple explanation of all of the above:

People all around the globe are tuning in to re-using, recycling, and re-purposing waste. Our’s is simply one story of how this re-thinking can change one young family’s life for the better. We believe that if we walk the walk and pass our story on to others, that it may help to promote this ‘out of the box’ mindset and help change things for the better.

job boxOn that note we were given a job-box from a neighbor of ours today! This will hold all of our important paperwork for the job site. Thank you awesome neighbors for lending a hand and some supplies for our new home and thank you bloggers for following our story!

Buenas noches!


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