Permits, Art, and Countertops

permitBust out the bubbley…we’ve got a building permit. I mean we’ve really got. In our hands kind of got it. Soleil and I went down to the permits building this afternoon to turn in our lien and our deed to the land. There were about 20 people in line ahead of us, but we summoned our girl power and waited it out. To keep the small one from going nuts, I drew everything she told me to draw. Behold, the masterpiece.


We had all the needed paperwork, BUT I did not realize we needed to pay water and sewer. Boo. So, Ryan saved the day as usual, rushing in a check minutes before they locked up. Another 6,000 dolla bills. My do they go fast.

Today I got a sneak peak at the tile we have been gifted and it is beautiful. A deep, rich blue…Reminds me of the blues you see in Turkey or Morocco. I’m hoping it works out to use them in the kitchen. And speaking of kitchens…we’re still rooting for some kind of amazing upcycled, butcher block-esque countertops. However, the poured cement option is pretty dang sweet and DIYable.The video below gives a pretty good step by step for making your own!


Check out this post from Apartment Therapy for all things concrete counter.


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