So here’s the deal. Our plot of land is 50 feet wide. The city of Asheville requires “setbacks” so they can run power lines, sewer lines etc. and so that homes are decently separated. For Asheville, the setbacks are 15 feet from the street and 6 feet on all “non-road” sides. With the 6 foot set backs on the left and right sides of the property, we end up 2 feet short for our 40 shipping container. You can apply for a variance, but we were lucky enough to be able to take another route. The woman who sold us our land also owns an adjoining  lot which she has sold us an additional 3 feet of. Now we have 1 foot extra and that my friends is 6 inches on either side of the house (this is going to require some precision placement!) To make all this mumbo jumbo official, a surveyor has to come out and re-plot the land. Already, he has created a new site plan and submitted it to the city. Now we wait for him to physically come out and put stakes in the ground. Then, we can call in the crew and break ground. Our goal was to have the foundation set by the end of November. At this point I think it’s still doable, with a little extra bustin butt.P1030409

Soleil’s wondering what all the fuss is about. Her new cardboard house went up in an hour.


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