If You’re Having a Shitty Day, Wait 24 Hours

I am happy to report today was a MUCH better day. Me, Soleil and Ryan took a drive down to our local Habitat store and came home with the exact window we had been looking for. P1030445So, the key things about this one are its shape, the fact that is insulated and that it can open. The plan is to add this to the window wall located in the loft area. Ventilation=very important when it comes to living in a container. The tag on this sucker said $45. When I asked Ryan how he managed to get it for $21 he said, “You just have to be nice.” Note to self…be nice.

P1030443Hopefully, we’ll have the truck this week. For now, it’s the hatchback. This is probably the dumbest things we’ve done in awhile.

During the afternoon, we began to attack the brier fest that envelopes these cinder blocks. They were on the land when we bought it. We will put all of these to use plus more, so if you’ve got any laying around…we’ll take ’em!P1030452

Before beginning to stack and store the blocks, we realized the shed needed a little TLC. Ryan did some makeshift patchwork on the roof. We raked and sorted the inside. So nice to see our collection of materials all neat and organized.


Yay for better days, glimpses of progress and our stellar landscaping queen!



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