Precipitation Likely…

Hi! Ryan here again bringing you your daily dose of DIY shipping container awesomeness.

snowflake-closeup-diy-setup-alexey-kljatov-4At the moment here in Asheville, NC. we are looking at two days straight of precipitation (rain/snow/ice). This means that even if the city approved our newly surveyed plot (+3ft… see SETBACKS) and our land was surveyed today… there would still be no digging until Thursday at the earliest. Sometimes we just have to give thanks for an unplanned pause in progress and use it as time to re-group for the next round.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALowes charges $1.42 per cinder-block. Over the last three days we have uncovered and moved over 104 of these suckers into our garage. This adds about $150 worth of materials to our list! Crazy what you can find under some vines and brush huh? We will be using these blocks for our foundation but are still on the hunt for more cinder-blocks + rebar, silt fencing, pipes and connectors for running the sewer/water lines through the ground, insulation for the slab, and if anyone has an extra track-hoe we could really use it!

snowflake-closeup-diy-setup-alexey-kljatov-8EVILPEACEOn another note all this moisture on the way has me thinking about water and how much it effects us. A man named Masaru Emoto did some cool stuff with water… taping words on distilled water bottles and seeing how it changed the water molecules! Pretty crazy that even prayer can change the form of water. Given that “The human body is more than 60 percent water. Blood is 92 percent water, the brain and muscles are 75 percent water, and bones are about 22 percent water.” – Water Facts, maybe we should focus on positively charging this precipitation for our project! Check out this AMAZING photography of snowflakes – WOW.

Thanks for reading and see  you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Precipitation Likely…

  1. “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”
    ― Loren Eiseley
    Keeping the vision with ya.

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