Dangit and Sticks

One thing is becoming very apparent. When building a home, you may have YOUR  timeline, but all of the people you are depending on will have theirs and theirs is not always yours. After waiting and waiting for a surveyor to re-plot our lot, Ryan marched down to the permits office today to make sure things were moving along. Turns out, they could not locate our paper work. After all that mumbo jumbo was straightened out, we were told to expect someone within7-10 business days. But, but, we need them here yesterday!! Sorry honeychile….7 to 10.

With all of this in mind, Ryan began contacting a slew of contractors to line up our allstar foundation team. All of them were booked at least 3 weeks out. Yikes.

So, the bummer is this is slightly stressful especially as the first snowflakes of the season have begun to fall. The good news is we’ve been handed a big ole reality check relatively early on in our process. Our focus has taken an immediate shift to receiving quotes and availability for all contracted work.

I’m wrapping up research now on how to go about getting the mounds of branches, briers and brush off of our property. P1030143After reviewing a ton of contradictory instructions on the Asheville City website, I’ve decided to organize it, curb it and hope for the best.

Stay warm everyone, and happy almost Thanksgiving Eve.



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