Many Many Graciases

Hello everyone and a merry Thanksgiving to you all. I hope you are stuffed with stuffing and filled to the brim with all things sweet and savory. We are recovering from floods and illness and a slew of other minor bumps in the road. A bit of a crazy 24 hours, but we are fed, we are warm, we are loved, we are grateful.

This evening I stumbled across the website . This site chronicles the home-building journey of architect 7430552Dominic Stevens. His home was constructed for just over $33,000 and in 50 days (over the course of 2 years). It is amazing how close our vision is to Stevens.’ I love how eloquently he writes about the vernacular tradition of building your home instead of buying it.  “[In this tradition]…people build their own house, not with help from the bank, rather with the help of their neighbors.” His site offers wonderful hand-drawn cartoon-esque descriptions of how to build a house, as well as step by step photographs. Well worth a browsin’.

Ryan is working away at acquiring quotes for a number of construction services. There is becoming a fine line between searching for the best deal and simply making a decision for the sake of time and schedule. Middle…we like that path.

Today is a day of giving thanks, but it should also be a day of accepting gratitude. We hope you will take in all the love and appreciation we have for each of you-tuning in, following along, cheering us on through the craziness, the awesomeness, the insanity, the gift of  building our own home.


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