Good Stuff

Hey Everybody! Lots of exciting things…

First up, our article in The Laurel of Asheville–a beautiful magazine focusing on the arts and culture of our region. We feel so honored to be featured in such a prestigious publication. Check it out!

The arborist showed up and assessed the situation today. Looks like it will be just under $400 to fell what needs to be felled. This is the price if we take care of the fallen lumber ourselves. This is actually optimal because we can dry it and store it for next winter. Aaaaah, I can feel that wood burning heat just thinking about it.

Ryan hit jackpot at a pawn shop today.index A shovel, a pic axe, 100 ft. measuring tape and another pair of working gloves for a grand total of $50. This is my kind of shopping spree!

I am starting to believe that a buried city is beginning to surface on our land. We have dug out household items, a mattress, and insane amounts of glass, metal and wood.

Here’s the proof of our butt busting efforts:


In other news…. Ryan’s sister and her boyfriend have built an incredible new chicken coop. Their livestock live in absolute luxury.index

Our tiny rental might be too small for a Christmas tree, so we’ve hung the stockings and wrapped Soleil in lights. index

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