Ropes & Ladders, Snakes & Chainsaws

What a beautiful Sunday!

WoodToday began with clearing leaves and brush off the land… ashevillestikzadding to the work Soleil and Brook did the other day.
We found many items under the leaves including a boot, metal roofing, shingles, bricks (lots of hand-made beautiful awesome OLD bricks!), rusted fencing and barbed wire, broken glass jars & bottles, and a couple of baby snakes under a rock!

P1030539I also found a natural terrarium in a glass bottle. Tones of cool little plants growing like a rain-forest!


Brook HATES snakes, but I LOVE them! Guess opposites really do attract eh? It seems Soleil takes after my heart with reptiles as she touch her first baby gardener snake today and was AMAZED!

stairsNext Megan, Bo, and I picked up the spiral staircase from a empty lot. It was given to us for our home by an old neighbor and though it needs a bit of love… its GOLD to us! We also grabbed up a Jackson wheelbarrow from Lowes and cam-strapped it on my Corolla right beside my Jackson playboat! They both fit perfectly. wheelbarrel

staircaseTurns out the spiral staircase reaches juuuust up to the top of our garage… oh and we discovered that its strong enough to climb up it as well 😉

Finally we broke out the chainsaws and went to felling trees. With two chainsaws, a climbing harness, a throw-rope, and a borrowed ladder, we took down two 50 foot trees today. Bo also cut down a branch that must have weighed well over 300 lbs. We only have two branches left to go and the land will be safe from harmful falling tree debris! Our neighbor kindly gave us permission to chop down all branches hanging over the property line and any trees that might have a chance of falling on our new home. He also agree to share the wood with us next winter! We are SO THANKFUL for such great neighbors.

chainsaw (1 of 1)treefall10 (1 of 1)

Tomorrow will consist of chopping these awesome trees into little chunks and letting them dry out for next winter. Free heating from mother nature? Oh yeah.


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