New Truck? Guypost

Today was a very long day… thankfully our family once again saves the day.

keysAfter sitting in my parents 100 year old barn for over two years, my family’s red F-150 truck is back on the road! My dad got it inspected and changed the oil today (it runs GREAT) and my mom waited for well over an hour in line at the DMV to get a new license plate for it. They are loaning this truck to us for the next year! What a huge help.

For those of you in the know we are still waiting on the city to approve our newly surveyed land with the added three feet before we break ground. Thankfully we have plenty to do in the mean time!

treesI am slowly chopping apart the 50ft. tree and 30 ft. branch we chopped down yesterday and moving the wood off of our land to dry. We will use it next winter in our new home! We also have two rather large brush piles that we have to A) Burn, B) Load into truck and dump, or C) Piece apart and pile by the road for the city to pick up, or D)Rent a dumpster, have it dropped at our lot, load it full, and have it picked up. I would like to go with A or C if we can… will be calling the city and fire dept. tomorrow to find out.

stockAfter we deal with the wood and brush/trash from clearing the land we have to get the surveyor out to our land to plot where our foundation is going to set. Then we need to lay our 100ft. silt fence around the back and right side of the land. At this point we will be ready to break ground… hopefully by the end of the week (fingers and toes crossed). Until then we will focus our energy on land clearing and maybe just a bit of Christmas excitement. Stocking hung and advent calender started… I know what I want for Christmas!


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