Let The Good Times Roll!

Ho-ly good-ness. What. A. Day.

It started around 5:00 a.m. when we sprung out of bed to the BEEP BEEP sound of the fire P1030566alarm. About 5 minutes later, Soleil got to enjoy the light show and magic that a fire engine is to a wee one. No carbon monoxide. No fire. Just a bum detector.

Did I mention our basement flooded again? Yep. That’s three times in less than 2 months. Hat trick!

The excitement didn’t stop there though. First, the surveyors made a surprise stop to plot our P1030569land. This was not ideal as we have not had a chance to remove the HUGE tree limbs that were taken down and that now blanket the lot. They did what they could, but I have a feeling we’ll be calling them up for a second round.

Next up, water meter installed. H2O coming soon!

This afternoon, Ryan’s dad and I began hacking into the mountain of sticks, logs, briers and brush. We ordered a pick up by the city. Make that a couple of pick ups.

We also had a professional photographer come snap a few pics for another up and coming article. Sweet!

Finally, we met with our potential foundation man extroardinaire. He is putting together a quote and we are hopeful it will work out to work together.

Hey LOOK AT THIS! We’ve been featured on Jetson Green’s sustainable homes site.

So grateful for Ryan’s mom, dad, sister and bro-in-law for all of their helping hands over the last few days.

Can we go to sleep now?


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