Work It!

A cold, wet, windy day indeed, but the dudes pushed through. First order of biz, laser leveling the land. Our wonderful neighbor lent a hand with this one, thank you Micheal! What using the level allowed us to do was to find the drop of the land. We rounded slightly up, so the drop between the front of the house and the back of the house is 5 feet. This allows us to determine the number of cinder blocks needed, the necessary length of the sonotubes and the amount of gravel we will need to bring the land to a level plane.

indexRemember all that pine wood Ryan salvaged yesterday? We put it to use today by constructing indexour compost cabin. Ryan and his dad were the masterminds behind this one. I did do some pretty stellar sawzall work though…index

(Oh and here’s a great list of compost do’s and dont’s.)


Next up, the nearly final clearing of fallen timber. I have a feeling we’ll be staying quite cozy next winter. Thank you for all of your help today Andre!


Ryan rounded out the day with a pickup from a nearby construction site. Another truckload of scrap wood. I’d say we’re well on our way to constructing our chicken coop. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten to build ourselves a home as well.

indexindexWe are so grateful for this opportunity. Just can’t say it enough. Hope you all are staying cozy and well. Goodnight from NC!








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