Foundation Bound

Dont-be-pushed-by-your-problems-be-led-by-your-dreamsSome days just make you realize how lucky you are and how tiny your day to day “problems” really are. Every day is a gift and I would like to take this moment to thank our family and friends from around the Globe. We appreciate you’re kind words and blessings and humbly request that you keep us in your hearts over the next few weeks. Your positive thoughts will help us move through the steps of building our first home.

footing-stepNow lets talk FOUNDATION.

As a reminder we will be setting the interior walls of our containers on a 20’x24′ slab in the center of our home and seven sonotubes will be supporting the exterior corners of the containers.

2011-03-sloped-vs-stepped-footings3set-rebars-concrete-footings-800x800One of our neighbors dropped by the other morning and helped us laser-level the surveyed corners of our home. Turns out that the grade is between 4 and 5 feet from the front to the back. This means that we will have to dig out one or two steps for the left and right sides of our on-grade slab’s footer.

Brook has never driven a track-hoe I have only driven one once, so we have decided to leave the excavation to a pro. We will have an excavator come out and pull out some small stumps, move some rocks, and dig our footer holes for the slab as well as the sonotubes. http://www.familyhandyman.comWe will then bend and tie together rebar and extend it into the air in the holes before we call out the inspector to check it out. Once he gives the ok we will call out a concrete truck to pour our concrete forms and then let our seven sonotube footers and one continuous on-grade slab footer dry. These steps will take anywhere from 3-4 days and we are planning on starting this Monday! Keep your fingers and toes crossed that it stays sunny and warmish for us next week!

On another note we are trying to make our home as passive as possible. Here is a really great article on passive heating/cooling and a really great video as well! Enjoy.

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