Free Stuff, Not Free Stuff And A Billiard Champion

Less than a mile from our house, there are some brand spankin new homes going up. The amount of wasted materials is indexpretty unbelievable. What does this mean for us? Dumpster diving heaven.

Freecycle is pretty amazing. Most cities have their own so check yours out. You can post what you’ve got, what you want, what you need. What we ended up with last night was some beautiful, old bronze doorknobs and a pretty massive window. It will be perfect for the greenhouse…index

This morning was the big drop off. Over $500 worth of foundation supplies: 100 cinder blocks, 20 #5 sticks of rebar, 1 ton of sand and 7 bags of mortar.






Ryan and I got to sneak away for a little date indexnight (thanks Andre!). I cu-rushed Ryan in pool. That felt pretty good.

Off to sleep, busy weekend ahead!





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