rebarHoly holiness. This home building situation is a wild ride. I will try to give a concise breakdown of the day, let’s see how I do. By 7:00 AM we were at it again. Rebar was bent, cut and set. The mad rush to perfect the footers was on. Goal for the day: pass city inspection, pass special container home inspection and if all that goes well, pour the concrete! Well, this story has a sad ending. Maybe.

City inspection: fail. Rut row. We had made a small money saving change to the foundation. We were advised that this would not be an issue. We had a monolithic slab which has concrete formed load 1bearing walls supporting it. We changed this load bearing wall to a CMU (cinder block) wall. We were informed by the inspector this afternoon around 1pm that we needed to have our engineer RE-engineer the plans with the correct load bearing walls. We then had to submit this updated plan to the city, and have it RE-approved. We then had to call in and request a re-inspect for our footers. The three steps in this process would normally take somewhere between 7 and 9 days. This is where things get a bit crazy…

grrrrrrWe instantly called our engineer and he emailed us the updated blueprints. We had these printed and took them to the city walking in around 4:45pm. They remembered us due to our “special” home, and pushed it through approval before they closed at 5:30pm! CRAZY AWESOMENESS! We couldn’t and still cant believe it… but we now have our re-approved plans ready to go within the same day and will have the inspectors out to inspect the footers tomorrow afternoon.

pAfter getting done with the city, we ran out to pick up our 12 finished mounting brackets from our fabricator Delayne Evans (Evans Construction). These will be “wet-set” into our CMU slab wall when we fill the cinder blocks with concrete. We will also be placing these on the tops of all seven sonotubes for the corners of the containers to set-on.

On this final note its time for the sweet sweet pillow and blankets.


2 thoughts on “MORE TO COME…

  1. You walked in at 4:45 and were approved by 5:30?! Amazing, unheard of, and whew! Though it is a drag, some of those rules are truly important. We were rejected quite a few times for reasons that mostly made sense. (Mostly!) Hope all is smooth sailing (or pouring) from here.

    1. Amazing indeed. There’s been these 2 amazing hawks that hang out over our foundation and talk quite loudly. We’re pretty sure they’re looking out for us 🙂

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