I Believe It Now, We’re Really Building A House

This day has been just about as insane as yesterday. Ryan, Sean and I busted buns before, during and after our re-surveying, but all was not in vain…we passed our inspection! Thank (enter higher deity here)!!! As soon as we passed, we had Southern Concrete bring out the 8 cubic yards that we had ordered. They did not arrive until 4:30. By 5:30 it was getting dark and we were far from done.  We ordered 5 more cubic yards from a backup truck. The lights on this truck were not working. Our building consultant was not available to guide us through the pour. So, with a single headlamp and some headlights from a car, the three of us poured our footers. Had any of us ever done this before? Most definitely not.


dry pour

wet pour


nighttime pouring = crazy

me & Ryan. Victory march to the top of the truck.

We really cannot thank Sean and Ryan’s mom enough..helping, hardworking hands are a blessing beyond measure.

Good. Freakin. Night.



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