Ryan is hard at work deconstructing a home this evening. Last time I checked in with him he said he had removed 7 amazing windows and a bunch of solid wood. Score!

Fingers crossed that me and the mason will begin block laying on Monday. Weather looks cold, but clear.

What have I been pondering lately? loft railing ideas. As you may remember, above our kitchen area is a 40×8 loft

Don't know that horizontal will work, looks mighty climbable...
Don’t know that horizontal will work, looks mighty climbable…

space, accessible by spiral staircase. We cannot pretend that our little

just plain cool
just plain cool

Soleil is not a wild adventurer, so the railing situation needs to be fortified. We would like something safe, but still minimal so that the space remains open and so that the “window wall” is not obstructed. Recycled materials would, of course, be our first choice. Any ideas floating around out there?

Not functional, just pretty
Not functional, but pretty

Tomorrow we should have some good pics of what was salvaged from tonight’s deconstruction.

Soleil and I will be picking up sanding and priming materials for the spiral staircase.

And this weekend, family gathers again for Christmas celebration #2 because…why not?



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