The Body Aches

Getting ready…


I prepped us a bit early this morning by bringing blocks down to the footers and filling up our mortar water.


We pulled our lines and checked our measurements…


Finally, we were ready for block numero uno.


I cut the rebar. Ryan set it.


Today’s work

I also played a bit with sanding the metal staircase. I worked for nearly 1 hour and hardly completed 5 inches of one railing. We’ll be exploring plan b.P1030951

Well, I said I wanted to keep up with the guys and I must have accomplished this. Our mason thought I was a nice young boy today. Carhartts, no makeup, goggles and a hat…what can I say.

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVERYONE!! We can’t wait to continue the adventure with you in 2014!!!


3 thoughts on “The Body Aches

  1. How about leaving the railing raw and have a clear coat sprayed on after a light de-buring and scuff sand?

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