Day Three

And we thought yesterday was muddy…yikes. Today was slip and slide city-wind, rain, yuck. But, we persevered with our amazing 70 year old mason leading the way!

Ryan went out at midnight last night to build this trench for the oncoming rain.P1040011 This will help slow down wet earth sliding down our slope of a front yard and into our fresh laid walls.

While the guys continued on with block laying, I returned to the infamous spiral staircase, putting to use our new sanding tools. This went much better than my sandpaper technique yesterday, however my sanding mask still left me with two lungs and a nose full of rust and old paint. So, we dug deep and invested in a souped up industrial mask. We’re worth it, right?

After running some out and about errands, I returned to find the amazing work of Ryan and our mason, Dennis.  Round of applause fellas. Ya done good.


Ryan and I rounded out the day with a dinner date. P1040013Cocktails, entrées, and a wicked peppermint cheesecake. Our weary souls have been restored.

These first couple days of the new year have been equally challenging and rewarding. We are so grateful for our health, our strength, our family and friends, and our currently over-stuffed bellies.



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