1505488_244616582368545_1714784781_nRyan typing this evening.

255554e480d411e181bd12313817987b_7Parents returned with little joyful Soleil today! We missed her a little bit… ok ALOT. We did however get the wall within two courses of completion while she partied like it was 2013 with her grandparents. We hope to complete the CMU (cinder block) wall tomorrow. Once we have the two sides and the back built, we will set up the sonotubes, have everything inspected, brace like crazy, and have a pump-truck come out to pump the three CMU walls and the sonotubes full of good ol concrete. While allowing it to 6167526_scaled_273x205dry we will go get the containers and have them chopped up. After the concrete has dried and the containers have been chopped and braced we will hire a crane company to lift the containers and set them on our sonotube and CMU wall. We will then line the internal CMU walls with 2″ rigid foam insulation and have multiple dump-trucks of recycled concrete aggregate back in over the front wall footer, dump in the back fill, and we will tampity tamp it down. We will then build the final front CMU wall (three courses tall), mix and fill it radon-vent-rough-in-new-home-nashville-epawith concrete, finish back filling, put in radon vents (pex pipes with holes in them) and finalize the footer for the slab by putting down a vapor barrier, WWM (welded wire mesh), and more 2″ rigid insulation.

Whelp that’s all the info I can do tonight. Wish us luck with finishing up the footer walls and have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!


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