Over here in home-building world we use quite a few tools. We thought we might serve one up each week for your potentially educational experience.

Before we select our tool of the week (and no, this is not the award I won in middle school), let’s check out Ryan’s awesome re-purposed tool storage system…P1040027

Yep, that’s an old file cabinet we got for free. Good thinking Ry!

So, first up-the hammer drill.


This guy can pack a punch, combining drilling and simultaneous pounding actions. We have used this tool for drilling through our concrete footers, creating holes large enough for rebar to stand vertically in. Drilling through concrete is this tools’ primary purpose, however, the drill mode may be turned off and only the hammering action used for small breaking/chipping projects. If you intend to do masonry work, this tool is a must. Otherwise, spend this money on some flashy new kicks. I didn’t even attempt to wrestle this one. The force resembles that of a jackhammer and Ryan was using every 145 pounds of himself to make this thing work. Not saying I couldn’t do it, I’d just need to eat a few Big Macs first. One word to the wise when using the hammer drill: pull the tool away from your work before turning it off. If you do not, it will literally leave you in one place from the waist down, and twist you like a pretzel from the waist up.

There you have it, you’re all read up on the hammer drill…I just know you’ve been pondering it purpose for some time now.

Have a splendid evening everyone!

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