Fight Fire With Fire (Or Ice With Ice)

Hey everyone! As many of you know, the east side of this country is real real cold. So, to combat those P1040043negative digit temps we decided to make…homemade icecream? Looks like Soleil’s wish is our command.

We decided on our backfill gravel for the foundation. At first we were going to go with what is known as road bond or more commonly, “57.” If 57 is truly 57, then it has gone through an inspection which certifies that is is self compacting. Ultimately, this means tamping is not neccessary. What we really wanted to use was recycled aggragate and Ryan finally tracked down a gravel yard that carries it. Although we will have to rent a tamper and compact the aggragate, the recycled rock is about half the price of 57, so the savings appear worth it.

We’re back on the Craigslist prowl. Ryan scored big yesterday with a bunch of electrical supplies. Plus, the guy who sold them to us is an electrician and willing to give us aP1040044
great deal on his services. That works.

Hope you all are staying cozy. We are SO grateful for heat, blankets, and layers of clothing. Good night.



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