Pennies And Pipes

With one chilly morning after another, me and the little one have been doing our best to stay busy and on the less-insane P1040050side. So this morning, with Bar Keeper’s Friend in hand, we began shining pennies for our future kitchen floor. I must say it was pretty exciting to take a completely black penny and scrub it until Honest Abe looked clean and new again.

Ryan brought home some drainage piping as well as some PEX tubing that we are going to use for radon ventilation (out of the foundation wall).P1040048 He has taken the day off of work tomorrow to help complete the three sides of the masonry wall and we hope to set up the sonotubes by the end of Friday.

Since we will be having our containers delivered off site, we have the green light to purchase and deliver them A.S.A.P.. Small snag, since we priced them about 6 months ago, prices have increased across the board. We will continue our search for a bit longer, looking for containers that have damage in the places we are intending to cut out (in order to save dollars). Fingers crossed!

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