Rainy day… hence we looked at ideas for the railing we will be building on top of the 40 ft. container and for the wood stove we will be building/buying, and for our small claw-foot tub bathroom. Here are some ideas:

Important that heads can NOT get through the railing…


We might be able to do something like this with rebar?


Scrap metal from the metal recycling yard maybe?


On to masonry heaters/stoves or wood burning stove ideas…






Then we started thinking… we have some 100+ year old bricks we would like to use around the stove to retain heat… hmmm… what about a masonry BUILT stove/heater?

     mhascanHeater airflow

fire-going-in-hybrid-cabin-stove-225x300maine wood heat com castingshome

Well enough about stoves… how about some bathroom ideas? We LOVE the second one… we want to have a vertical shower-head on ours as well.

100_0551      image7

9087075-6 comfy-bathroom

Whelp that’s it for tonight… one last video for your viewing pleasure. The basics of a DIY masonry wood burning heater.


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