Food, Plants, Fun

Aaaaah. We are just settling in after having such a lovely dinner with new neighbors. We have been so non-stop-go that it was such a treat to look up from our work for a minute and enjoy the company of the people around us. Between rain, obligations, and get-togethers, this weekend has given us a nudge in the direction of kick back, take a break, breathe. We needed that. Thank you forces that be.

photo via Apartment Therapy

We have started to take care of a few house plants around here. Having greenery is a must in the new home. Our house plant past is a dark one, so we’re giving ourselves some time to learn the art of the living plant. Today I found this ‘5 Hard-To-Kill Houseplants’ post on Apartment Therapy. Click here if hard-to-kill sounds up-your alley.

My hope is that within the next 3 days, we  settle on our container dealer and that, fingers crossed, each container does not exceed $2,000.

Here’s to an exciting and productive week ahead!


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