While She Was Gone…

Hello blog World! While Brook is @ work I figured I would get tonight’s blog done.

Tonight’s story: SONOTUBES


Sonotubes are made of cardboard and are a strong, economical way to create vertical concrete columns for buildings, entranceways, structural support, light posts and other commercial and residential structures. The Sonotube brand of forming tubes have been the industry standard for more than 50 years and we will be using seven of them to support the exterior walls of our shipping containers.

P1040091Now that our CMU (cinder block) wall is finished, the next step is to laser-level each sonotube footer to find out how tall the sonotubes need to be. We will then measure horizontally to make sure we know EXACTLY where the center of each sonotube will be on each one of the seven footers. P1030994Once we have the measurements we will order our sonotubes (12″ diameter 12′ long each) and the rebar we will need for their internal frames.


We will then hammer-drill 6″ deep holes into the footers, epoxy 36″ rebar into these holes, and cut each sonotube (and the rebar for the internal forms) to be the correct size.We will assemble the rebar forms and place them inside each sonotube, erecting them over the rebar extending from the footers and making SURE they are plumb and level.

roundconcreteformFinally we will have the CMU walls and the sonotubes inspected before we brace them all. This is a VERY VERY VERY important step before pouring the sonotubes full of concrete. If you do not secure the sonotubes to the ground VERTICALLY as well as horizontally, they may push up with the weight of the concrete pressing on the bottom, wanting to push out the bottom of the tube. o2They will also be EXTREMELY heavy once filled with concrete and can fall over if not braced properly on multiple levels. The concrete also needs to be vibrated with an electric vibrator from the bottom up to prevent air bubbles from getting trapped inside the concrete. For a final note I will leave a sonotube video for your viewing pleasure (as I LOVE watching random videos… I figure some of you might as well). E-How also gives a great and simple explanation of how to erect and pour a sonotube: HERE

Now that you have the insiders info on our sonotube situation I will leave you to your dreams of our finished footers!

Have a wonderful evening and enjoy the start to your new year.



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