Shou Sugi Ban

Hello all! So, we forgo-ed the termite infested barn wood because although it was probably salvageable, it was going to take a good deal of time and money to get it to the point of useable. Funny we should come across this post tonight about Shou Sugi Ban–the japenese art of wood burning. Not only does this process result in wood that appears to be old barn wood, it also creates a protective layer that protects the wood from pest, wind, water and fire damage. Check the post out here to learn more.


image via Jetson Green
image via Jetson Green






Tomorrow morning, Ryan and Matt Yeakley of Red Shed Woodworks will be prepping the sonotubes and fixing our silt fence. Did I mention we almost got majorly busted for our improperly constructed silt fence? We were spared the fine thanks to the kindness of the inspector, but I probably should start carrying a pocket full of sliced onions for on demand tears.

Hope you all are well and wonderful, good night from Asheville, NC!

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