So the plan was…wake up this morning, meet with contractor, measure out exact placement of sonotubes, order sonotubes and rebar, and go from there. Well, the best laid plans yadda yadda yadda. After a discussion with our engineer, we called off the sonotube measuring and brought a number of other tasks to a screeching halt. The issue is this: shipping containers are standard sizes, BUT they are not standard AND without minor deviations. These variances are miniscule, however when it comes to placement, precision is mucho importante and not worth being “close enough.”

All this means is our priorities have taken an immediate shift and our #1 is to locate, purchase and deliver our two 40-foot high cube, wind and water tight containers. From here, we can meticulously measure OUR containers and then place sonotubes accordingly.

The irony is, that of all the parts of building our shipping container home, we did not anticipate the shipping container part to present such a major challenge. Since we priced our containers 6 months ago, they have nearly doubled in price, across the board. Not such a big deal if we were on a big budget, but as you all know…our $40,000 is already accounted for. We are doing lots of scrambling behind the scenes to make this purchase happen and to stay on course with spending.

I think we all deserve a little eye candy. Check out this partially deconstructed container which allows for a little Manhattan rooftop hangout spot…


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