After our plans for Sonotube awesomeness were put on pause we had to change course a bit. We are now concentrating on finding our shipping containers and whatever we can do in the mean-time other then messing with the foundation.

#1 – We need to re-build our silt fence.

P1040111Ig01509art05nspector said no good and that it needs a makeover. Thus we will be purchasing a roll or two of welded wire mesh and some metal T-Post steaks for our new silt fence tomorrow. We will then have to dig out a ditch 6″ deep and bury the bottom of the fabric silt fence in this ditch. Then we will need to zip-tie the fabric to the welded wire mesh and the new metal T-bar steaks we have to hammer into the ground and it should be good to go. Money money money, time time time.

P1000220_fs_fs#2 – We need to set up our temporary power pole with 200 volt outdoor breaker and have it hooked up by an electrician, inspected by the city, and the power turned on by the power company. Luckily we do not need an ACTUAL power-pole for temporary power. Thus I will not need to haul the 20+ foot pole given to us by a friend from Weaverville to West Asheville. We just need to put in a pole 4ft. deep that is strong enough to hold up the breaker box. Going to double check this with our inspector but I have seen other temporary power poles here in town constructed of 2×4’s nailed together so I am not very worried.

#3 – Tear out more wood from DE-construction project floors. We have one last chance at scoring some more of the wooden beams from the floors of a house we are currently DE-constructing before the demolition crew takes the whole thing down. Will be working on that this weekend.

P1040096Thankfully our daughter has taught us that when given lemons… make them into a smiley face and enjoy the ride! Thanks for following our journey and wish us luck with this UN-planned new path for our project. We have faith that it will be just what we need in the long run and we are trying our best to enjoy the process.



2 thoughts on “Re-direction

  1. Wishing you and luck and all good things…always. Setbacks are a drag and each one means more $…(insert many stories of our own here). But I’m thinking a properly constructed silt fence protects the watershed, your local water supply and eventually the ocean?

    1. Yes. We have an all-star team of angel contractors (don’t you think?) So, we’re trusting that all the re-direction is perfectly on course 🙂 And yes, all good things for the precious water.

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