Hello friends and family! Just wanted to take a moment, take a breath in, and exhale a HUGE thank you to all who have tuned into our journey thus far. As of today, this little bloggity blog has received over 30,000 views from readers in over 100 different countries. Wow. We feel the love.

Through scratchy throat and runny nose, Ryan braved the elements and finished mending our silt fence today. We really have no idea if it will pass inspection or not, but we are hopeful.

Meanwhile, our search for containers continues as well as our search for a new welder. Our thoughts and prayers are with our former welder who had to cancel a number of jobs due to family emergencies.

We were told this house could be easily built in 3 months. We added 9 months to that estimate and even so, time always feels majorly of the essence. Even when there’s nothing noteworthy to report, we are hustling in approximately 1 million directions every day, and this between full time jobs and parenthood. One day we will surely look back and say, “What the f were we on?” For now–cut wood, carry water.

Apartment Therapy is my ‘go to’ for finding some daily source of home inspiration. Today, I checked out their ladder post. Especially loved the over-the-table one. Enjoy!



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