What a beautiful day. Our flu-like symptoms are over and we had a break from the cold today to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Tomorrow it seems we will be hit with another winter blast. It is supposed to drop to 11 degrees! Thankfully we will be feeling much better for it.

P1040130I still feel it is so strange to actually own a piece of land. It seems like it is a natural resource and like other natural resources it belongs to everyone and should not be “owned”. But anyway we now own land. Note land owners… when you dig your land up for your footer or have a track-hoe driver dig it up keep in mind you can NOT leave your dirt/clay/land on anyone else’s land. Therefore if you leave a pile of your dirt/clay/land on the edge of your property you will have to somehow get any that spills over the property line BACK onto your property. I now know shoveling clay takes a long time… even on warm days… so a word of advice: make sure you dump (or have your track-hoe drive dump) all the dirt/clay/land you dig up from the footer onto YOUR property well within the property lines.

P1040126P1040127Back to the warm day story… while we were out and about we noticed a very interesting shipping container and went to take a look. Seems the Red Cross is using them as well… what a beautiful painting they did on the outside! Inspiration from odd places for sure.

While driving around Soleil was also inspired to enjoy some Zzzzz’s from the back seat. Speaking of Z’s its time for my inspiration dreams as well.




2 thoughts on “YOUR land?

  1. Oh my god! Your daughter has got a Kirby teddy! I live in Australia and was given one 30 years ago as a baby 😀 absolutely Loving your blog!

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