Looking Up

Thank you to Ryan for taking over last night, as neither the darkest of chocolate nor the strongest cup uh joe could keep my eyes in the open position.

Last night we took a family trip in the big red farm truck to pick up a load of doors and windows that we have stored on the countryside. We have more doors than we need and almost all of our windows.

It is looking like we may have found our replacement welder. He is excited about our project and has the capability to work on the containers at his studio. We hope to go over pricing and details with him soon. Tomorrow, we finish contacting container companies. Friday we decide who we will be purchasing from/where we will be traveling to pick them out.

Many people who build a home have the opportunity to envision their future space because they are picking and choosing their flooring, lighting, countertops, etc.. Because our home is made of things found along the way, our vision is a little less clear and more or less reveals itself to us as we go. On the one hand, this drives me crazy. On the other, it allows time to explore elements of design that we love/hate, agree/disagree on. We have relatively little to bring into this new dwelling. Our nicest items are a couple of inherited oriental rugs and a farm-style table that was gifted to us and that we later distressed to perfection…or rather, imperfection. We get to enter this new space as clean slates. When we reach the point of ‘move-in-ready,’ we do not know what will be left in the piggy bank for furniture and decor, but between our minimalist tendencies and ability to stretch a dollar, I believe our house will acquire the outfitting it needs to feel and function as a home.

When it comes to beautifying space and walls, I love the use of children’s art. So, much to my delight Apartment Therapy had a great post today on displaying our petite Picassos’ masterpieces…

photo via Apartment Therapy
photo via Apartment Therapy

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