Tool #2 and This Pretty Mountain Town

Our first tool for review was the hammer drill: electric, powerful, a wee bit frightening. Moving on to tool #2… I introduce, imagesor perhaps re-introduce, you to the pick axe. The pick axe is a hand tool with one blunt end and one sharp, pointed end. Perfect for breaking up root structures and rocky surfaces. So far, we have used ours for busting out bulk heads, digging trenches, and a number of other pick and pry kind of tasks. Definitely a home AND garden tool.

We will meet with our new potential welder this weekend to review project plans, strategy, and timeline. Ryan is going to begin rendering 3-D images of the outside of our home. Hopefully up for your viewing pleasure soon.

Have I mentioned we live in a beautiful city? Many of you who tune in here are residents so I’m sure you all are well aware. But for those far and abroad, check out these “30 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Asheville.”

Good night all!




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