Treehugging Granolamunching Home Builders

Browsing Treehugger this evening I was first excited to come across a fun looking article about a restored vintage COMET camper. But then, I was even more excited to see that the article was written by a dear old friend. So excited for Kimberly Mok and her successes as a Montreal based architect and designer.

Here is the video that accompanies the article:

Tonight we will be doing some vision building. This may be granola overload for some…that’s your warning. Tomorrow is a big day for us because by evening we plan on knowing where our containers will be coming from. At this point, there are a dozen options, some more ideal than others. So, in an effort to combat anxiety, pressure, etc., we will work on seeing and feeling the way things will go. This meditation of sorts has come from one of our dear friends who is a heart intelligence facilitator. It is good and powerful work.

For now, we really must attend to some very important work. We have two The Daily Show(s) to catch up on. Seriously, very important.


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