Yay and Yay

I must say, I am proud of Ryan. He fears almost nothing. This guy has jumped off cliffs into unknown water, sky dived, greeted me with snakes wrapped around both arms…but he does have one, little fear. Think…Charlotte. Yep, spiders. Today, while working on a deconstruction with his dad, Ryan was determined to cut out some copper piping from underneath a very old, very webby, very spidery house. His re-enactment was dramatic. Not sure if it was THAT intense, but nonetheless, good job bud.

Our meeting with the welder went great. A very generous and kind person, just the type we like working with. He is working on an estimate along with figuring out where we can have the containers delivered and worked on. We are trying to do all of the cuts off site as to avoid lead paint distribution on our land.

Alright, short and sweet. Off to dream…




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