Oh This Is Nice

Hello all. I am writing to you tonight from the soft, cozy comfort of our new-to us couch. We were experiencing a smidge of buyers guilt, but as we sink into these nice plushy cushions…the guilt is quickly fading. As we have mentioned, the new home will not need a lot of new furnishings. This because of financial necessity, but also preferred aesthetic. That being said, we’ve never owned a nice couch. And by nice I don’t mean fancy shmancy, just nice. Comfy. Inviting. We knew that a sectional style sofa would be ideal for the container home because it would provide all the hangout seating we need and it would help demarcate the living room area within the very open floor plan of the house. Anywho, we found a Craigslist treasure. It was incredibly hard to spend even $1 of our loan on anything other than home building basics, but in the end we went for it. Ryan and his papa did all the pick up, moving and re-arranging. Soleil peed on it. I guess its ours now.

Ryan’s 3D images of the house are looking SO good. Can’t wait to share them with you all soon.

Check out this Inhabitat article about an architectural design firm that used a shipping container as a waiting area as well as loft work space.

Our apologies for a few pictureless posts, they’ll be back soon. For now, just imagine comfy sofa, tv veg out, maybe 1 more bowl of ice-cream bliss.

4 thoughts on “Oh This Is Nice

  1. Look forward to seeing pics as you go through the design/remodel of your container. I just shipped a 40ft from Calgary to Belize to build a nice little cabana. Of course I included all the furniture required to fill it and a mig welder to cut the openings.. 🙂


  2. If you havent already found your shipping containers one good place to look is govliquidation.com its a site allot like ebay but for military equipment lots of awsome deals can be found here you just have to search for bases that are close to you that you could drive to and pick stuff up from. Many times I see containers in good shape going for a few hundred dollars on here.

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