A Feast For The Recycle Bin

Oh the sweet satisfaction that comes with tackling and conquering a disorganized mess. Tonight I took on the overstuffed, ever-expanding everything folder. It’s the kind that zips which is such an invitation for disaster. You mean I don’t have to punch holes and secure each piece of paper? I can just shove all this stuff together in a mixed up jumble, zip it up and call it a day? Sounds good.

It actually was not only very necessary, but also surprisingly enjoyable to tackle the last 6 months of scrap paper and margin written notes. Looking back over old questions and ideas…my have we come a long way.

Here’s Treehugger’s roundup of their fave container homes/buildings/structures of 2013. Enjoy!

credit: Shinkenchiku-Sha (via Treehugger)

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