Snowed In And A Sketch

These past few cold and snowy days have left us stealing moments of outdoor play, followed by indoor hand warming and comfort food eating.

pancake mixin
pancake mixin

We’ve made the most amazing pancakes EVER, ingredients sent to us from a loving friend miles away. We’ve made some pretty good looking snow angels and gotten some good rides with Ryan’s old snowboard as a sled.

angel makin





This evening we cozied up in our neighbors’ home–delighting in each other’s company and enjoying a big cast iron pot of stew. Feeling quite blessed indeed.

Ryan finished the first 3 dimensional sketch of the house. Having him work these up has helped my not-able-to-visualize-very-poor-with-spacial-situations brain to see where we’re headed. This is the back and side angle.


We are currently accepting all good juju when it comes to containers. We have searched high and low and the search continues…not at all the part of this project we thought we’d get hung up on. But for now, there is hard cider on the stove, a little one dreaming, and magic outside our door. P1040184Perhaps we should take a lesson in letting go from the smallest of this tribe. Take a moment to eat a snowflake, play until our noses freeze, and let it all fall into place. Good night everyone.


5 thoughts on “Snowed In And A Sketch

  1. What joys abound. Read this and thought-today is going to be a fun day so no chores will be done-whoopee

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