Not-So-Hotlanta Bound

Ladies and gents, the time has come. We will depart for Atlanta around 6:00 am and hopefully return by around 6:00 pm having purchased two 40-foot, wind and water tight, high cube shipping containers. Yay!

Not sure why we have just now found THIS site, but it is a good one with some great basics about shipping containers (ISBU’s). Want to buy one? Here’s a summary of their suggestions when scoping…

1. Ask for/get documentation of age of conatiners

2. Ask if seller is an ISBA member

3. Scrapes and rust are ok, but scaly corrosion is not.

4. Check to see that container is square, not twisted, so that it lays flat on the ground and will connect properly with other containers.

5. Request SIR certification before buying.


As we set out on this next phase of our adventure, it was nice to re-visit the strong points of using used containers in home and building design.

As laid out by

   - Strongest building construction on the planet
   - Earthquake proof
   - Fire proof
   - Tornado / Hurricane proof
   - Strong non-corrosion Corten steel
   - Extreme security
   - Recyclable - Green construction and modifications
   - Saves trees
   - Unibody construction
   - Ideal for multiple floors and levels
   - Fast construction
   - Insulation: bonds easily with space-age Ceramic insulations
   - Exceeds U.S. Building Codes
   - Easily adapted to Prefab automation
   - Easily adapted to Custom homes
   - Economically covered with traditional stucco, vinyl siding, woods, or brick

And finally, a pretty unbelievable orphanage in South Africa… shipping_container_roundup-72


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