Better Late Than Last Night

Hello you patient patrons. I am only half zombie now, so I should be able to catch us up to speed.

All I have to say about Atlanta, and more specifically where we ended up in Atlanta is…wow. That’s a big city. Much bigger than I had remembered. Lanport is the company we went with and this location was just one of multiple. It is situated in the Historic South Atlanta District. If you can’t find it, just look for the insanely large, Shashank-esque prison. It’s right next door.

Once we arrived, it was about a 1 hour wait to get to the top dog we had been referred to. We got to observe a lot of P1040213 1behind the scenes container world while we waited. The office was run by three women, and I mean RUN by three women. These ladies were moving boxes like nobody’s business.

Once we gave everyone the run down, we were asked to sign a waiver before entering and browsing the lot. We were given a list of 9 containers that were available for us to purchase. And so the search began…

Of course, most of our options were on the bottom of the stacks. A little bit of moving was in order.


Every container we looked at were ZIM line containers. After walking through, around, under, and on top of each, we had selected our two. They were far from perfect, of course. There was a manageable amount of rust, scrapes, and dents. Our major concern was the smell. It was strong. But, this could be for a number of reasons so we gave ZIM a call and requested a haul-history for each container.


So, 5 hours later that’s about where we ended up. We know the containers we want. We know who will be picking them up as well as where they will be delivered. We hope to hear back from ZIM on Monday with a summary of what these particular boxes have carried.

If it all looks good, then we’ll say goodbye to $5,000 and hello to two big pieces of our home building puzzle. P1040280 1


It was a long day. It was fun and exciting, but also stressful. We try to stay lighthearted, but on the other-hand, we’re building a home and we’re pretty dang serious about it being a safe, functional, warm and inspiring space for our little clan. None of us have built an entire home until now and we’re treading water in a relatively unknown sea, just figuring it all out as we go. That being said, we know we got this. And, we’re so glad to have you guys patting our backs as we go.

BIG THANK YOU to my mama for watching Soleil while we escaped on our grand Atlanta adventure. That trip would have been, how should I say….hellish had we also been responsible for our wild wee one.

Stay tuned, the journey continues.


3 thoughts on “Better Late Than Last Night

  1. That’s Hebrew painted on the side. Is Zim an Israeli company? Kind of interesting and surprising they are using yellow stars.

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