4365Frederick Niche wrote a book called “The Birth of Tragedy” in 1872. In this book he specified that cultures tend to swing between one of two perspectives… the Apollonian and Dionysian perspectives.

On the one hand the Apollonian mindset calls for perfection. If something is not perfect… into the trash/dumpster/landfill it goes. The Dionysian perspective is more given to the passion and intuition tolerant of organic perspective and gesture.


Our current culture’s  construction methodology (based on the industrial revolution) swings towards the Apollonian perspective with standardized materials and processes which create MOUNTAINS of waste. Brook and I are both artists and not contractors by trade. We have the Dionysian perspective engraved in our conscious without even knowing it. We both seek to feature blemishes and imperfections in materials as unique and original aspects of our project. The trash and waste building materials that others throw away we seek to utilize throughout our home. 4375By writing a book on how we are going about using our artistic mindsets we hope that we can influence others to see that everything is beautiful and unique in its own regard. We can and should re-use and re-purpose our own and others waste in order to preserve our Earth and promote healthier and more environmentally conscious lifestyles.

I would like to thank Dan Phillips for bringing this realization into my World this evening and Solaripedia for bringing him into my radar. You can see Solaripedias article on him HERE and his website is: http://www.phoenixcommotion.com


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