These Dollars Don’t Like Sticking Around

Five thousand one hundred and eighty four dollars. That’s the grand total ladies and gents. Container numero uno will arrive tomorrow and number two will be making its appearance on Thursday. I guess we are now the proud parents of two 9,000 pound boxes.

Some things you should just never find because they will then consume even more of your precious time on this spinning sphere. That being said, check out my latest obsession: cabin porn.  You’ll end up seeing things like this…



2 thoughts on “These Dollars Don’t Like Sticking Around

  1. That’s perfect news! I’ve been obsessed with container housing for some time now, but I started to seriously think about building one for myself after I read this article with overview of Canadian companies and pricing: You can imagine cabins are quite popular in certain areas and I’ve already scooped a piece of land to my linking. Now all I need is just a few more non-sticky dollars ,) I wish you luck!

    1. Thank you Richard! Looking forward to checking out this article. Keep plotting and planning. Our funding came out of nowhere, completely unexpected, but when it did we already had a dream and a plan 🙂

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