Metal, Meetings, Moving Forward

The after work hours began with Ryan’s trip to the metal yard where he was in search of some angle iron for the window frames.P1040384 On his way home, he stopped in at The Regeneration Station and came home with this sweet little window…

P1040386 The rest of the evening was spent around our living room round table–me, Soleil, Ryan and our welder. A couple hours in, the boys had a much better handle on how we will go about cutting and securing windows and doors. I’m sure Soleil also knows what’s going on, but I’m stuggling. This kind of stuff has to be happening literally in front of my face for me to say something like, “Oooooooh. I get it.”

Big snow on the way, but we ordered our sonotubes and ready-mix today, so come end of the week, we hope to be re-visiting the foundation.

Good night, sleep tight!


2 thoughts on “Metal, Meetings, Moving Forward

  1. Hello Brooke, Ryan and Soleil, I am so happy with your progress; expecting the way you will do this frames. In my poor investigation the frames with tubular tubes is the solution I like more. Vamo arriba! like we say in Uruguay!

    1. Hola Vivien!

      Our engineer has directed us to use 1/8″ angle iron for the frames because of its strength. The windows have been a much bigger challenge than anticipated, but we are definitely figuring it out. We are very lucky to have an amazing welder who thinks “outside the box” 🙂

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