P1040405Today was yet a bonified snow-day in Asheville. This means the roads were clear by noon (for the most part) and all businesses were CLOSED for the day. We took this as an indication that we should continue plotting out our window/door placement’s, do some research on framing, watch some movies, and have some snow-day outside fun!

It appears we will be framing and cutting out 8 window-holes in the containers. Two in our master bedroom, one in Soleil’s room, two in the guest bedroom, one in the guest bathroom, one in the kitchen wall, and one in our master bathroom. The other windows will be framed in our normal 2×4 @ 24″ walls. We will have 5 door frames/holes cut into the containers as well. Our front French doors, master bedroom, Soleil’s bedroom, guest bedroom, laundry room (two folding doors), and back sliding glass door. Installing-the-New-Laundry-Room-Doors-with-black-and-whiteWe are thinking about putting all our interior doors on tracks as we like the idea of more air-flow in the containers and don’t really care about behind-door wall space. It would be pretty cool to put our laundry room door on a track as well. We shall see.

As far as our metal frames are concerned we have been given the OK to use 3 x 3 x 1/8 inch angle-iron instead of 3 x 5 x 1/4 inch for all windows under 4ft. wide. This means we will save a bunch of money on materials and welding for the frames! We will be placing the angle iron flat against the inside of the container walls so that the bottom edge of the L will be outside. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis will give us a exterior metal window frame drip edge, and it will make the interior 2×4 framing MUCH easier for us. We thought the container door shutters were a cool idea… who knows… maybe we will work this in somehow?

Upon doing a bit of research on framing THIS WEBSITE has some really great out of the box ideas for framing in order to get better insulation. I think we will be using these three in our home except with 2×4 walls instead of 2×6:




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